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Neither was it intended that the two worlds, ours [the afterlife] and yours [the earth plane], should be as they are now—so far apart in thought and contact. The day will assuredly come when our two worlds will be closely interrelated, when communication between the two will be a commonplace of life, and then the great wealth of resources of the spirit world will be open to the earth world, to draw upon for the benefit of the whole human race.

- Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, speaking from the spirit realm
through Anthony Borgia, in Life in the World Unseen.

We are witnessing the dawning of the day when afterlife communication will be commonplace. Dedicated teams of researchers, scientists, technicians, engineers, inventors, philosophers, and others who have crossed from this plane to the next are now endeavoring tirelessly to develop means by which our two realms will be able to communicate easily and freely. Advancements in communications technology and our understanding of altered states of mind today have made possible new, effective methods of afterlife communication not available to humankind before today. The Afterlife Research and Education Institute is dedicated to supporting the research, development, education, and practice on the earth plane that will enable the teams working in the other realms to guide us into discovering and using the methods of communication they are developing.

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Afterlife Studies News

Sonia Rinaldi Uses ITC to Connect with People Unable to Communicate

Sonia Rinaldi, the Brazilian ITC researcher, has been setting up procedures to communicate with people unable to communicate through ordinary means, such as Alzheimer's patients, people in coma, profoundly mentally disabled people, and severely autistic people. Sonia has successfully communicated with an 11-year-old autistic girl during her sleep. The communications came through the "Transmitting Station" that coordinates the communication with people in spirit. The detailed description of the communications is available at this link:

Hans Otto König Connects with Spirit Entities During a Special ITC Event

On May 7, 2016, Dr. H.C. Hans Otto König successfully performed his fourth experiment with a fundamentally changed Universal Direction (UDS) system. He connected with Spirit Entities who had messages for him and for the people assembled in the room. König explains that it combines the qualities of all of his previous systems to enhance reception of statements from people in the afterlife. The technique was refined so that a wider spectrum can be stabilized for a longer time. The system allows more Spirit Entities to have the possibility of communicating.

During the experiment, König and the participants received the following communication: "The Spirit Entity said the earth plane has reached the point at which humankind will be set into a new state of consciousness. Through training, humankind will advance substantially in mind, spirit, and soul; even science will advance." More . . .

Hans Otto König Will Conduct Experiments with His Infrared Sending System

Dr. H.C. Hans Otto König will be performing an experiment with the Infrared Sending System in Mönchengladbach, Germany, on July 17, 2016, from 1 p.m. to around 6.00 p.m. After an introduction and a meditation, König will be holding a live-recording trial of this system that has not been used since its development 20 years ago. The reason for using the infrared system again now is that during the May 7 experiment with the UDS system, the Spirit Entities gave König and Anna Wauters six new frequencies to use with the system that will result in improved communication. More . . .


Need for People to Help Establish the North American ITC Station

Rob Washburn and Craig Hogan are replicating Sonia Rinaldi's work as they help teams on the other side establish the North American Station. The station must establish what amounts to telegraph lines, but they're connections through the realms between us and them over which the messages can be conveyed. AREI invites anyone who is willing to do so to set up a PC to record messages and regularly work at connecting with the station. We will help anyone who wants to participate. Contact Craig at
Physical Medium in Springfield, Michigan, Needs Circle Members

Physical mediums develop their abilities by having dedicated circles, which are meetings of a small group of people focusing on love, spirit, and having fun. The circles meet for an hour or hour and a half every week to sing with rousing music and wait on spirit to become active in the room. Eventually, the physical medium and circle members will create enough energy for things to move in the room, people to materialize, and voices to speak clearly. A physical medium in Springfield, Michigan, is looking for people to dedicate themselves to meeting every week with her as the circle develops the physical mediumship. For more, contact Craig at


Donations to Help This Work

The Afterlife Research and Education Institute,Inc., relies on donations to continue helping people communicate with their loved ones living in the afterlife. The life-changing experience of connecting with loved ones in the afterlife, changes people. They grow in spiritual maturity, joy, love, and compassion. When many people experience the life-changing connections, humankind will be changed. People will live in peace and brotherhood. Whatever you can donate will help make a difference for grieving people and for humanity. We'll do the work. We just need support. Thanks.

AREI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

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The year 2016 to be a pivotal year in humankind's understanding of the other realms of life and advancements in communication with people living there. Experts in the afterlife realm are publishing brilliant expositions of the world we all will soon be living in. Many methods of communicating with people in the afterlife realm are being used successfully today, and more are being developed regularly. In the near future, afterlife communication will be commonplace.

You can help make that happen by joining AREI. To inspire as many people as we can to join in this important work, during 2016 the $39 dues to join AREI will be reduced to $25.



AREI Projects in Service to Afterlife Workers
Projects Supporting Afterlife Communication Work
Institute Initiatives to Support Afterlife Workers

The 2016 Initiative to Fund Research, Education, and Development

During 2016, AREI is going to bring descriptions of afterlife research, development, education, and practice to potential individual and foundation funders. The initiative intends to use its network of afterlife workers as a foundation for convincing the funders that the afterlife work going on it critical to humanity's progress and their contributions will be important to that progress.

Database of Afterlife Researchers, Developers, Educators, Practitioners, and Speakers

During 2016, AREI will develop a database of afterlife researchers, developers, educators, practitioners, and speakers to make these human resources available and encourage networking among people working in the afterlife studies disciplines.

Curriculum on the Afterlife

Curriculum in Afterlife Studies

AREI is developing resources to help people understand the afterlife, the nature of reality, our place in the universe, afterlife communication, and related topics. Subject-matter experts from all areas of afterlife studies will contribute to the curriculum.

The Leslie Flint Project

Leslie Flint was a remarkably talented direct-voice medium in the twentieth century. He would sit in a dark room with people and voices of people's loved ones, notable people from history, and ordinary people living in the afterlife would be heard. We now have thousands of the recordings of these people describing the realm we call the afterlife and talking about humankind's place in eternity. AREI has a website devoted to direct-voice medium Leslie Flint's work. You can hear some of the recordings and read about Flint's life: Leslie Flint

Publishing Afterlife Studies Books

AREI's Greater Reality Publications publishes books in the afterlife and afterlife communication for writers. The books then may go on to be published by major publishing houses. AREI does not charge fees for publishing the books. Greater Reality Publications

AREI Staff Hold Two Afterlife Conferences

The AREI founders developed and coordinated two conferences assembling speakers on the afterlife and afterlife communications. The New Developments in Afterlife Communication conference was held in 2014 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nearly 200 attended to hear 23 acknowledged leaders in the field of afterlife communication speak: Gary Schwartz, Sonia Rinaldi, Suzanne Giesemann, Victor Zammit, Mark Ireland, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Irma Slage, Craig Hogan, Bruce Moen, Joe Higgins, Rochelle Wright, Maria Pe, Carol Morgan, Jonathan Yorks, Dan Drasin, Karen Herrick, Herb Puryear, Anne Puryear, and Susanne Wilson.

The Life in the Afterlife conference was held in 2015 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Scottsdale. Nearly 400 people attended the conference to hear 24 well-known authors and scholars in the afterlife and afterlife communication speak: Mark Anthony, George Noory, Carla Wills-Brandon, Bruce Moen, Gary Schwartz, Ineke Koedam, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Peter Wright, Ellie Pechet, Savarna Wiley, Susanne Wilson, Jamie Turndorf, Rhonda Eklund-Schwartz, Sheri Perl, Melinda Vail, Carol Morgan, Herb Puryear, Patricia McGivern, Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, Miles Allen, Karen Herrick, Dick Sutphen, Rob Schwartz, and Stafford Betty.

AREI developed and published two books with contributions from the conference speakers to bring the knowledge from the conferences to the world at large: Afterlife Communication: 16 Proven Methods, 86 True Accounts and New Developments in Afterlife Communication.

Supporting Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy

AREI is supporting the work of Rochelle Wright, who has developed the Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy procedure that psychotherapists use to help clients communicate with loved ones for whom they are grieving. Over 70 psychotherapists have been trained in the procedure. It is successful with 98% of the clients who experience it, and the clients' grief reduces by an average of 86% in a single session. Learn more.

Providing Lists of Trained Psychotherapists

A list of the trained psychotherapists is available: Psychotherapists

Development of Videos on the Procedure

AREI has developed an introductory video on the Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy procedure (see the video) and a video describing the training state-licensed psychotherapists can have to help their clients have afterlife connections (see the video).

Publication of a Book on the Procedure

AREI has co-authored a book with the originator of the Repair & Reattachment/Guided Afterlife Connections Grief Therapy method and has published the book. It contains 26 stories of real clients who experienced successful connections with loved ones through the therapy method. Read about the book

Mediumship Development and Support Initiatives

Identifying and Cultivating Mediums

AREI knows that there are many mental, physical, direct-voice, and trance mediums in the general population who have not been discovered and nurtured. Developing medium abilities requires time, patience, and the support of mentors and circles. AREI is helping develop the circles that will discover and nurture mediums. The goal is to have as many mediums as possible in the general population to give more people an opportunity to communicate with loved ones through these talented individuals. This initiative is part of the general effort to have people communicate with loved ones in the next realm of life to help alleviate their grief, convince them of their eternal natures, and eventually change humankind. Descriptions of current AREI initiatives to develop mental, physical, direct-voice, and trance mediums follow.

Physical Mediumship Development and Support

AREI is supporting the effort to identify and cultivate physical mediums. Craig Hogan is leading a circle that is developing one and possibly two physical mediums. The goal is to use the development as a model for helping other physical mediums develop when we learn about people who have an undeveloped talent.

Mental Mediumship Development and Support

AREI is sponsoring circles to help people in the general population understand mediumship and learn to develop their own mediumship abilities. In the future, AREI will be developing guidelines for people wanting to set up their own mental mediumship development circles and materials for use during circle meetings.




AREI Initiatives in Instrumental TransCommunication

Replicating and Disseminating Sonia Rinaldi's Work

Fifty volunteers with the Afterlife Research and Education Institute are replicating work being done by Sonia Rinaldi, the Brazilian ITC researcher. Sonia is recording the voices of people in spirit speaking clearly to people on this side of life. The recordings are crystal clear. In one month, Sonia has connected as many as 163 parents with their children in the afterlife realm. Each session has contained up to 200 answers to questions the parents ask their children.

AREI researchers in Illinois are replicating Sonia's work. You can hear examples of Sonia's recordings and AREI's replication of her work at this link: Recordings

AREI Researchers Connect with the North American Station

One finding from Sonia Rinaldi's work in Brazil is that there are stations in the realm from which the communications originate. The stations have technology that allows speakers from the other realms of life communicate with people on the earth plane through electronic instruments. AREI researchers brought Sonia to the U.S. to explain her work so we could replicate. We learned that there were at least two stations sending the signals to the earth plane, and that the teams working with the stations were interested in establishing a third for North America that used English as the primary language. It was to be called the North American Station.

Rob Blackburn and Craig Hogan are working to connect with "Stations" in the other realms of life. It appears that the North American Station should be well established by fall 2016. Learn more about the stations.

Assistance for Anyone Using Instrumental Transcommunication

As AREI refines the procedures for recording messages from people in spirit, we will make them freely available. AREI has developed instructions for setting up the equipment to communicate with the stations. The instructions are freely available: Instructions

Anyone may set up the equipment and become part of the effort to connect with the North American Station. We ask that you would communicate with us about what you are doing so we can provide others with your findings to help them.

To be successful, you must be willing to record regularly, once or twice a week at least, preferably on the same days of the week at the same time, for months. You won't connect the first weeks you work at it. Eventually, you may be able to connect with the station form which the voices come. Establishing the link takes time, but is the critical component in being able to connect. Once you start to connect, you will continue to connect.

Researchers working to connect with the stations using the online instructions are describing their findings on Roberta Grimes' forum for afterlife discussions at Anyone interested in watching the progress of the research may log onto the forum.

Bringing Hans Otto König's Website to English Speakers

Hans Otto König, a professional electroacoustics technician living in Mönchengladbach, Germany, started his EVP experimentation using background noise from a radio station transmitting in a foreign language. He obtained his positive results almost immediately, initially they were of very poor quality, consisting mostly of whispers and sighs rather than vocalizations. He changed his background noise from foreign language broadcasts to ultra-sounds. He was able to record voices of people speaking from the next realm of life. He continued to modify his method by using frequency-modulated mechanical ultrasonics transmitted and received by transducers in his laboratory. He found that electromagnetic oscillations in the frequency range around 50 kHz produced the same results. Today, he is working with a device based on quartz-crystals irradiated with ultraviolet light which he calls HRS (Hyper-Raum-System or Hyperspace System).

In an effort to bring König's work to a wider audience among English speakers, AREI has cooperated with König to translate his website into English.

Making Michael Roll's Website Available

Michael Roll, of Bristol, England, heads The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom, an organization dedicated to altering humankind’s entire belief system about the survival of consciousness through mathematical equations, physical experiments, and the study of spirit materializations. The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom asserts that survival of consciousness is the a natural, universal law that should be studied using scientific methods, just as are chemistry, physics, and mathematics. It is not a matter of religious faith.

The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom asserts that mathematical, physics, and quantum mechanics discoveries provide the scientific bases for understanding psychic phenomena and the survival of consciousness. Michael also refers to materializations of people from realms apart from the earth plane will eventually convince even the most hardened skeptics of the reality of the survival of consciousness. He hopes to produce infra-red video of the materializations as proof that they are real.

The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom asserts that the materializations of deceased persons are manifestations of natural physical laws, the validity of which has been proven by recent and startling discoveries in mathematics, quantum physics, and studies of the structure and behavior of electrons, protons, neutrons, and other sub-atomic particles. Michael asserts that new discoveries prove the validity of the findings of early investigators of psychic phenomena such as Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, John Logie Baird, Arthur Findlay, and Dr. Glen Hamilton who declared that life continues on the next levels of existence.

Michael had a very informative website providing the information the Campaign for Philosophical Freedom had accumulated about the proof of survival of consciousness and the physical science bases demonstrating the reality of the afterlife realm. The website had been lost and Michael was unable to retrieve it. The Afterlife Research and Education Institute located his website and set it up on our hosting servers. It is now available at

Development of Self-Guided Afterlife Connections

AREI has developed an online training program that enables anyone to connect with loved ones living on the next plane of life. It uses a form of self-relaxation to bring the experiencer into a state in which the connections may occur. It then teaches the experiencer how to allow free, open unfoldment so messages can come through from the loved one. The experiencers fill out journals after each stage that are submitted to AREI. Craig reads each journal and coaches experiencers to help them learn how to have an afterlife connection by allowing free unfoldment.

Approximately 86% of those who go through the stages in the training have afterlife connections. The method is named Self-Guided Afterlife Connections. It is available through any standard Web browser on the Internet and is free. The method has now been experienced by thousands of people. We continue to evaluate and refine it to help people learn how to make their own afterlife connections with loved ones.

The procedure is free on the Internet at this link: Self-Guided Afterlife Connections