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Physical Mediumship Circle Members Being Transformed

Seance RoomTwo physical mediumship circles are both encountering the same new phenomena that appear to indicate the circles’ Spirit Teams are taking them in unprecedented directions in physical mediumship.

The AREI Physical Mediumship Circle in Illinois

After six years of singing in joy and harmony 90 minutes a week in darkness with modest physical phenomena and many changes in membership, AREI’s physical mediumship circle settled into having five committed, spiritual, harmonious members in June 2015. Almost immediately, physical manifestations began.

The loud, invigorating rock music the circle had been playing seemed to be raising the vibration so physical phenomena were happening. The table rocked in time with the music, circle members’ arms were raised and lowered so they felt “like marionettes.” At one point, the circle members’ hands were repeatedly raised and thumped on the table. Circle members’ nervous systems were controlled so they were rocked back and forth or side to side without their intent, and one member’s hand was lowered to the floor as though it had a heavy weight on it, placing her body in what seemed to be a physically impossible position. The circle members were going in and out of trance and feeling unusual sensations in their bodies, especially their throats, mouths, and heads. The circle members characterized the seance room as “sacrosanct.” The table has three rock crystals on it.

The circle had assumed the loud, invigorating music was raising the vibration so the physical phenomena could occur, but one evening halfway through the session, the Spirit Team decreased the volume by 80%; still the phenomena continued. Two weeks later, after the circle members had increased the volume moderately, the Spirit Team repeated the action and decreased the volume. At the same time, the circle heard voices, as though in the background. The circle’s physical medium is in the cabinet every evening, and it sounded like the voices were coming from the direction of the cabinet. The AREI circle learned through mental images and table rocking that the Spirit Team calls itself Masters of Light.

August Goforth’s Physical Mediumship Circle in New York

August Goforth’s circle in New York experienced outstanding trumpet activities right from the beginning, but then the activities fell off, while other minor physical events happened. It seemed apparent that two circle members were being developed into physical mediums.

August wrote this description of the circle: “It’s only now in looking back that we realized it was a very real process our Spirit team was intending and slowly unfolded. In the earliest days, we sitters found ourselves working with a Spirit Team who called themselves ‘The Architects.’ We learned about them and their instructions through mental messages given to the sitters. It was undeniable that they were building some kind of spiritual/psychic structure around us in the seance room, which has a feel that we still best describe as ‘a cathedral.’ When the Architects had reached a certain stage, they asked us to change the physical formation of the sitters and move to a different part of the room. There, they had constructed some kind of ‘main feature’ of the cathedral.”

The Spirit Team told August’s circle to set up a glass dome, as the Scole Experimental Group had done. In the dome, the circle was told by the Spirit Team to put Herkimer Diamonds, a rock crystal mined only in Herkimer, New York, near the location of August’s circle. Robin Foy stepped in to help with guidance about the dome. August’s circle is now using the glass dome and Herkimer Diamonds to see what develops.

New Directions Both Circles Are Being Taken Into

Remarkably, when the two circles began to compare experiences, it became apparent that their two different Spirit Teams were taking both in similar new directions not experienced by traditional physical mediumship circles that we know of. The accounts that follow describe these new directions.

The Circles Receive Instructions from the Spirit Teams through Mental Messages

The AREI circle and August’s circle are receiving instructions about the circles through mental communication. Traditionally, circles have been strongly advised not to mix mental mediumship with physical mediumship—it must be one or the other. However, the AREI circle began receiving mental coaching from the Spirit team working with them. At first, the circle was wary of mixing mental mediumship with physical mediumship, but the counsel the circle was receiving was very valuable. The circle had been receiving messages through table rocking, and the table rocked vigorously to indicate “yes” when the circle asked about whether to expect and share the mental messages. After that, the table rocked vigorously as a “yes” or “right,” validating the mental images the circle members were describing. The rocking happens in the darkness, in red light, and after the white lights are on and members are chatting as they sit around the table. The music can be playing or not play.

August’s circle also has been receiving its instructions for the circle through mental messages. The circle learned that the Spirit Team calls itself “the Architects” and that they are building a spiritual/psychic structure in the seance room that feels like a cathedral.

August Goforth’s Circle Receives Messages about Changes in the Sitters

August’s circle learned that rather than the Spirit team’s working to bring themselves through to the circle, the team is working to bring the circle through to the Spirit team via some kind of “portal.” August wrote, “When the Architects had reached a certain stage in the circle’s development, they asked us to change the physical formation of the sitters and move to a different part of the room. There, they had constructed some kind of ‘main feature’ of the cathedral. After we moved to the new location, we were greeted by a second Spirit Team that call themselves ‘The Bio-Architects.’ This new team began to work with the sitters’ physical and psychic body structures to better align with the cathedral. Since then, all sitters have been experiencing constant inner and outer physical sensations, some pleasant, others quite uncomfortable. This process is being conceptualized to me as a kind of stimulation/manipulation of our very DNA, a kind of epigentic endeavor that is somehow preparing our terrestrial physiologies—or ‘sleeping traits’—to be able to withstand certain spiritual stressors that will be encountered with the portals. The dome was introduced as the next feature in building some kind of spiritual machine. Indeed, it seems that we are being moved toward and somewhat into the vicinity of these portals, molecule by molecule. One of our circle sits with us remotely, which began as an experiment and now has been integrated quite fully. That sitter reports the same experiences as those on-site. Regarding the dome, so far we have seen very brief flashes of what we like to call ‘heat lightning’ appearing faintly inside it.”

The AREI Circle Receives Similar Instructions and Sensations

The AREI circle has been receiving messages about the circle through Susanne Wilson, the talented medium who is one of the co-founders of AREI. In October 2016, she told the circle that she had communication for the circle that came in a powerful image. When she asked her guide and the higher entities with whom she communicates about the circle, she quickly had an intense image of a consuming fire in the séance room, but it was a spiritual fire. Everything was reduced to ashes around the circle members. Then she saw a bright, intense light, and the circle members were all reconstituted into different beings, rising out of the ashes of what was. We understood it to be like the effect in Star Trek when someone dissolves to beam up and then reconstitutes. She said the circle members were being changed “molecularly.” She was told they are being transformed at the molecular level because they must have different constitutions to be able to experience what is to come.

The message was strikingly similar to August’s message that his circle is experiencing a “stimulation/manipulation of our very DNA . . . to be able to withstand certain spiritual stressors that will be encountered with the portals.”

The AREI circle had suspected that something was being manipulated in the sitters’ nervous systems before Suzanne’s message. It was apparent from the manipulation of the sitters’ arms, moving without their control like marionettes’ arms, the rocking back and forth and side to side without their control, moving one sitter’s hand to the floor while suspending her body, the controlled movements of their bodies, heads, and mouths, and other bodily phenomena. The circle had already voiced that the Spirit Team seemed to be “manipulating our nervous systems.” As with August’s circle, the AREI circle has had some physical sensations that are a little unpleasant and at times painful.

The Future of the New Directions

Both teams are now waiting to experience what will result when the preparations of their DNA/molecular structure are completed and the experiences that require the restructuring begin. Neither team knows what will be happening, but both look forward to it in great anticipation.