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A Self-Guided Afterlife Connection Account

Journal Account of a December 2016 Self-Guided Afterlife Connection (printed by permission)

Today I am actually at the beach and was walking along and came across two chairs together on the beach. Sat down and decided to see if I could connect with Josh. I went thru the relaxation techniques and the 20 count down. I felt Josh’s presence but I felt like I was forcing the visitation, then just kept on relaxing and then Josh showed up. He sat in the chair next to me and we began to chat. He said, “Mom, this is as close to heaven on earth for you as can get.” I said “I know, I needed this.” He said “I set these two empty chairs up on the beach for you to find.” I said “Thank you, I love it.”

We looked out at the water and we saw a ship; next we were both on the deck of the ship, looking at both of us over the water sitting in the chairs. I was thinking “Wow!” He said “This is how I can be in two places at once.” Then we were back on the beach in the chairs. I said “Let’s hug,” so this time the hug was different. It wasn’t like a physical hug. It was like you see in the photos of two souls hugging but intertwining at the same moment. Two souls becoming one. He said “That is how we do hugs on this side.” It was a unique, awesome experience.

I said he looked good. His hair was longer and he said, “It seemed to fit this visit.” Then next second it was short and then back to long. He said “See how that works. I told you I have a lot to teach you and show you.” I said “You look good, you sure are tan.” He looked at me and said “You sure are white.” I said, “I know” and we laughed. I said “I really wish I would have taken you to learn how to surf. It’s better here than on earth.” Next he’s surfing and I’m watching him, like I always did and he said “Join me.” I said, “I don’t know,” and then we were out on the water together. Side by side. The swell was huge, like Hawaii huge. Dolphins were playing along both sides of us. Then it was smooth.

We played for a bit then went back to the beach to the chairs. I said “How am I doing with my psychic reading,” and he said I was coming along and it just takes practice to hear and see more things from spirit. He said I had a great guide and he would help me also. He said he was happy to see me beginning to learn to live life again. He said to be patient with myself and baby steps, “After all, that is one of your favorite words right, just keep moving forward.” I said “I guess I should go back to this side” and he said “OK.” I said “I love you,” He said “I love you more than you love me lol.” (We used to say that to each other a lot when he was little and some when he was grown.) I counted down and continued to sit in the chair.

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